Students succeed when families, The school and community are partners!

Advocate for meaningful communication with parents
Positive conversations about school are the most helpful type of parental involvement that help students succeed, and they must be supported and encouraged by the WRDSB. We need more transparent, frequent, and meaningful two-way communication with families to facilitate positive conversations. And, when there is a situation in a school, parents must be afforded as much information as each situation allows to avoid information voids which often get filled with rumour and speculation.

Support staff and students
Children and youth are struggling at rates never seen before, and staff are struggling to help meet their basic needs. More help is needed to support children with special needs, youth with mental health concerns, and marginalized groups so they can all succeed in school. Strong partnerships between schools, families and community organizations are crucial to providing a circle of support around children. Each has a vital role to play. Together we can raise and educate resilient and successful children.

Promote safe and active school transportation
Children learn to be independent, problem solve, and get exercise when they walk to school with friends. But traffic around schools has become a safety issue for everyone. Schools need to be designed with safe walking and biking routes, and safe drop off/pick up zones for families who need to drive. School Travel Plans must become a priority for the health and safety of our children.

Evaluate the 'no late policy'
It's time to assess the effectiveness of Administrative Policy 1660 (known to students as the 'no late policy'). It was enacted two years ago and while the intent was to "encourage high expectations" and "promote responsibility", in practice the policy has created an atmosphere of procrastination in our high schools. Students do not feel the need to submit assignments on time which means teachers cannot provide timely feedback on assignments to strengthen student learning. This policy must be reviewed to determine whether it is teaching students the skills they need to be successful in high school and beyond.  

I want to hear from you about how, together, we can help our children succeed.